To financially assist the education of our members and attendance of our state and national conference and tradeshows, CONY offers the following annual Scholarship programs. CONY encourages members to participate in this program.

CONY's criteria and scholarships are as follows:

General Criteria

  • Member of CONY in good standing for at least one year
  • Owner/Operator of a campground for at least one camping season
  • First Time Attendee
  • One scholarship of any type, per year, per CONY member
  • All applications must be in writing
  • Scholarships monies are distributed after the recipient has written an article for the CONY newsletter about the program attended.

Description of Scholarships

  • $300 to attend the Oglebay School of Campground Management held in February. Three scholarships available. Application deadline: last day of CONY annual conference.
  • $300 to attend the ARVC Annual Convention. One scholarship available. Application deadline: October 30.
  • $200 to attend the CONY Annual Conference. Two scholarships available. Application deadline: October 30.
  • $150 At-Large scholarship. One scholarship available. Application deadline: October 30.

Submit Your Application in Letter Form to the CONY Office