2012 CONY directory cover page, featuring High Falls in the Chateaugay River, Franklin County, New York

Release:  Upon Receipt (distributed February 14, 2012)
Contact:   Donald G. Bennett, Jr., President and CEO, Campground Owners of New York
don@nycampgrounds.com  585-586-4360 (office)   

Image of the 2012 directory cover page available below

February 14, 2012 – Pittsford, New York – Campground Owners of New York (CONY) announces the release of its 2012 Campground & RV Park Guide.  The guide is free and available by visiting www.nycampgrounds.com and filling out the online request form, or calling CONY toll-free at (800) 497-2669.

The theme of the directory is, “Get Outdoors. Go Camping New York,” with the 100-page directory highlighting the features and amenities for over 200 privately-owned and operated campgrounds and RV parks across New York State. The guide is a handy reference tool for researching and booking just the right campsite for your next vacation. It is available in print format, and is also accessible in digital format on the homepage at www.nycampgrounds.com.

Camping can contribute to healthy, active outdoor fun for you and your family. According to Kampgrounds of America (KOA), the top five reasons that camping is good for you include getting more sunshine (and more healthy vitamin D); increasing opportunities for walking or hiking; improving serotonin levels naturally (which decreases stress) with outdoor exposure; enjoying deeper and more restful sleep from increased activity; and exposing your children to more outdoor play and exercise (helping to fight childhood obesity). See http://koakompass.com/2011/04/5-reasons-camping-is-good-for-you/

“Whether you are tenting, staying in a cabin, or traveling in an RV, the healthful benefits of getting outdoors is a great reason to go camping,” says Donald Bennett, Jr., President and CEO of CONY. “We’re living in much more sedentary and disconnected times, and camping is one of our last ways to stay truly and deeply in touch with our health, our family, our friends, and the world around us.” 

Vanessa and Joe Leto, owner of Brook N Wood Family Campground in Elizaville, New York, advocate getting outdoors and camping.  According to Vanessa Leto,“There is a lot of fresh air, and a big drink of fresh water cleans out your lungs and every cell in your body. While you’re camping go bicycling, throw a Frisbee, bounce a ball, swim, play hopscotch, chat by the campfire with friends – these are all done outside!”

Mike and Sandy Papp of West Canada Creek Campsites in Poland, New develop their themed weekends to create games that will promote action and thought.  Says Mike Papp, “Camping is an activity that provides many different action oriented activities that, by their nature, promote health. Today’s kids are indoors on video games and computers all day long and camping provides them with an opportunity to get outdoors and actually do something physical that is fun and inclusive!”

The CONY camping directory also includes website addresses and driving directions for all the campgrounds and RV parks listed, and advertisements for vacation destinations and RV service providers.

For vacationers that prefer not to tent or don’t own an RV, other options exist including onsite cabin and trailer rentals at many campgrounds and RV parks listed in the CONY guide. Or, look into RV rentals from local or national RV rental companies.

The camping season in New York kicks off in late April, and reservations are now being taken at many parks across the state.

Campground Owners of New York, founded in 1963, is an association dedicated to the promotion, growth, improvement and development of privately owned campgrounds in New York State. More information about the association and its campgrounds – including a free camping directory - is available at www.nycampgrounds.com