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Trade Show Map and Registered Vendors

Shopping fun at the 2018 Expo

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2019 CONY Expo Trade Show Map 2019 CONY Expo Trade Show Map (2,442.71 KB)

Updates will be made as requests come in, and time permits.

We welcome these Sponsors and Exhibitors at CONY's 56th Annual Exposition for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry.

10/17/19: Three booth spaces left before the trade show closes out!

Booth Company Status
 1  Armstrong Software  First Time Vendor
 35  Astra/Reserve  Cheese Table Sponsor
 7  Bonfire Media  First Time Vendor
 46  Buffalo Solar Solutions  First Time Vendor
 42  Camp and Park Accounting, LLC  First Time Vendor
 6  Camp Good Days  
 50  Camp Girl Clothing  First Time Vendor
 26  CampersApp  First Time Vendor
 22  Campground Fixer  Bronze Sponsor
 5  Campground Owners of New York  
 12  CampLife  First Time Vendor
 3  Campspot  First Time Vendor
 16  CheckBoxSystems  
 30  Corporate Communications, Inc.  Alliance Partner & Gold Sponsor
 55  Danielle Windus-Cook Properties, LLC  
 8  Dura Bilt Products Inc.  
 44 & 45  Falconer Vacuum Shop  
 15  Forest River Inc. - Park Model Division  
 XX  Gauch Distributing  Bronze Sponsor (no table)
 33  Go 4 It Graphics  Bronze Sponsor
 11  Hinman & Associates  
 17  Insider Perks, Inc.  First Time Vendor
 54  KeyBank  
 4  Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance  
 39  Jamestown Advanced Products, Corp  Bronze Sponsor
XX  Jones & Doldo Agency, LLC  Platinum Sponsor (no booth)
 27  Lancaster Log Cabins  
 36  Marshall & Sterling, Inc.  Vendor Partner & Bronze Sponsor
 19  MCPS for Campgrounds  Bronze Sponsor
 13 & 14  MV Sports / The Game  
 32  Northern Systems Satellite  Vendor Partner & Bronze Sponsor
 47, 48, 49  Original Jumping Pillows  First Time Vendor
 28  Phelps Honey Wagon  
 2  Register Graphics, Inc.  
 18  Shades Under the Sun, Inc.  Tuesday Trade Show Coffee/Snack Sponsor
 20  Silver-top Mfg. Co. Inc.  Wednesday Continental Breakfast & Coffee Sponsor
 10  Skyweb WiFi Solutions  
 37  Smart Industry Products  Bronze Sponsor
40 & 41  SS Process Equipment  Vendor Partner & Bronze Sponsor
 53  Stag Hollow Mining  
 34  Strait Web Solutions  Trade Show Wine Reception Co-Sponsor
 38  Superior Plus Propane  Alliance Partner and Gold Sponsor
 51  Taylor Upstate  
 43  TBN Direct / Knepper Press  First Time Vendor
 9  Tees Plus  
 XX  The Jump Pad  Bronze Sponsor (non-attendee)
 21  Towne, Ryan & Partners, P.C.  Alliance Partner and Gold Sponsor
 25  Utility Supply Group  Bronze Sponsor
 56 & 57  W.S. Emerson Co.  
 23 & 24  Wilcor  Platinum Sponsor

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